Poorva 181

"Poorva 181 “台灣印度融合樂團是傳統與新意的融合,具有前所未有的概念。


遵循北印度傳統音樂,引用 Raga(旋律)和 Tala(節奏),再搭配中華傳統樂器:琵琶、二胡與北印度的塔布拉鼓(Tabla)和艾斯拉吉琴(Esraj),用不規則的時間符號和特殊的音階,創造出獨特風味的音樂。


  • 若池敏弘|Esraj琴、Tabla鼓
  • 鍾於叡|二胡
  • 梁家寧|琵琶

時間:2022/10/18~22 每晚19:00~20:30

Poorva 181 is a strikingly original band created by master musician Waka, a Japanese expatriate based in Taiwan. The music combines fresh and honest composition, improvisation, and collaborative creation with traditional instruments from Chinese and North Indian cultures. The inspiration for the group comes from reflecting on life in Taiwan. 

Residency Series will allow the band and audience to experience together the kind of on-stage evolution over 5 nights that only happens in truly world-class musical cities.



Lian Chia Ning|Pipa

Date:2022/10/18~22  every night 19:00~20:30


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